Careers at AEL

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Why work for AEL?

What AEL is looking for?

Driven by its intent to employ the best, most expertly and efficiently trained staff complement in the world, AEL’s human resources division is tasked with recruiting and developing up-and-coming employees who will ultimately assist the explosives industry stalwart in achieving global growth.

The types of people AEL seeks include mining engineers, mechanical and chemical engineers, electronics and instrumentation experts, explosives and accessories technicians as well as research and logistics students.

Why work for AEL?

AEL is at the global cutting-edge of explosives technology with its extensive range of products, solutions and applications in the mining, quarrying and construction industries. AEL is an organisation that is continually evolving with innovation, growth and development firmly embedded in the company's culture and its people. Employees and students are involved with day-to-day activities and view AEL as a “University of Doing” - what better place to study, learn and grow?

With a focus on developing employees and building leadership potential among existing and potential staff members, AEL is known for the investment it makes on an ongoing basis. Existing staff members are invited to take advantage of the educational opportunities available to them and promotions are considered internally before positions are made known externally.

Furthermore, the company offers developmental opportunities that are presented internally and to students who wish to supplement their studies by joining the team from early on in their educational journeys.

Examples of the developmental interventions available through AEL include:

  • SETA accredited artisan training
  • Mining engineering learnership programmes
  • Explosives technician training
  • Logistics and procurement training
  • Chemical operations learnership programmes
  • Management development programmes
  • Study loans and in-service training for university of technology students