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AEL are particularly focussed on increasing the supply of electronic detonator systems world-wide to help customers improve blasting results and control. Europe is a natural market for electronic detonators with the focus on environmental control in built-up areas, down-stream productivity improvements as well as possessing the expertise to drive this new technology. A full range of DetNet electronic detonator systems are available through AEL for all blasting applications while expert trainers and training systems are available to support the introduction.

Much of Europe’s underground mining industry utilises mechanised explosives charging and AEL’s underground charging units have found wide success in both underground stopping and development tunnelling throughout Europe.

Key Offerings:

UBS (Underground Bulk Systems)

These incorporate highly developed world-class charging units and emulsion technology for up-hole and development applications in underground mining:

Bulk emulsion technology, including both containerised manufacturing plants and world-class mobile charging vehicles, is available for the international explosives market.

Electronic detonators

The HotShot™ , DigiShot™ and SmartShot™ systems are designed to cover all blasting applications from construction and quarrying to large open pit operations and all these systems are Ce Marked and available in Europe.

HotShot is already established as the standard product for construction operations in tough operating and climatic conditions where simplicity of use is a key element. Upgraded to include specialised tunnelling software to enable blasting of small and large scale development rounds.

The DigiShot™ system is designed for quarrying and medium sized mining operations where up to 900 detonators are employed per blast. A 2-wire system that has established itself strongly in Africa and North America and is now available in Europe. It offers precise timing in a simple and cost-effective package.

The SmartShot™ system is available for large scale mining operations where blasts up to 2400 detonators are common and where remote wireless firing is required. This product has established itself in the large open-pit mining industry in Australia and Latin America and is now available in Europe.

A full range of wholesale explosives and initiating systems – see AEL Mining Services’ website for product details.

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