In Botswana, AEL Mining Services (Pty) Limited strives to meet their customers' needs through maintaining the highest level of safety and improving blasting efficiency in order to lower final cost per unit of mineral produced.

AEL has supplied explosives, accessories and support to Botswana’s mining industry since 1973, when it was first registered as a local business entity with the registrar of companies. Since that time, the company has undergone numerous name changes to the present AEL Mining Services (Pty) Limited.

During 1981, AEL partnered with Debswana Diamond Company (Pty) Ltd to establish local bulk explosives manufacturing facilities at Jwaneng and then later at Orapa. Since then, AEL has upgraded its manufacturing technology on numerous occasions. In 1999, AEL established a permanent managerial and sales support office in Botswana and upgraded this to a fully-fledged autonomous commercial business in 2001.

Today, AEL has emulsion manufacturing plants at Orapa Central Plant and Jwaneng Mine and explosive distribution sites at Orapa and Letlhakane mines. In September 2009 AEL started a Prime-Load-Tie-in Shoot (PLTS) service at Jwaneng Mine’s Cut 8 Pit Expansion project, and in October 2010, the company diversified its business footprint by commencing the supply of explosives to the four BCL Mining and Smelting (Copper/Nickel) mines and also started a PLTS service at Firestone Diamonds’ BK11 Mine.

As a result of these additional business contracts, AEL Mining Services increased its total complement from about 37 in 2010 to the current 75 employees of which 69 are local Botswana citizens and continues to be committed to employee training, development, social upliftment and advancement.

Customers include leading diamond mines and copper/nickel mines and also various quarry operations supplied through a local distributor. The company offers the full range of explosive services from distribution, magazines service, down-the-hole supply, to PLTS, as well as blast engineering support, such as audits and designs.

AEL Mining Services is full SABS ISO compliant, and has implemented water recycling programs at its sites.

All open pit operations make use of AEL's electronic detonator initiation systems and two of AEL's customers are fully converted to the Automated Blast Loading and Reporting System that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate blast holes.

Ronald Joseph

Managing Director
Tel: +267 393 8133
Mobile: +267 7131 7360