West Africa

AEL West Africa is the leading supplier of explosives products and services in this region. With well tested logistical partnerships, AEL services the mining industry and is strongly positioned to provide products and services to customers in Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Cote d’ Ivoire and through its agents in Nigeria, Togo and Benin.

AEL first established itself in the region in Ghana in 1993 and today has listed companies in Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea, which include:

  • AEL Mining Services (Ghana) Limited
  • AEL Mining Services (Mali) SARL
  • AEL Mining Services (Guinea) SARL
  • AEL Mining Services (Burkina) SARL

The first bulk explosives manufacturing and shock tube assembly plants were developed by AEL’s partner at the time, ICI, in the early 1990s. AEL assumed ownership of these plants in 1993 and has since introduced a number of improved technologies during various upgrades over the years. In 1999, AEL pioneered electronic detonation systems in Africa, and completed its second bulk explosives manufacturing plant in 2009.

AEL has head offices based in Accra, Ghana and Bamako, Mali and is in the process of establishing permanent offices in Burkina Faso.

AEL West Africa employs over 350 people throughout the region, seven of whom are South African expatriates and six Ghanaian expatriates, the remainder of the staff being local residents of the various countries.

Sites in the region

AEL has two bulk manufacturing facilities and one shock tube assembly plant in Ghana, which meet the demands in the region, providing the full range of bulk explosives blends and shock tube initiating systems for any surface or underground mining application. In addition, AEL supplies a full range of packaged explosives, pentolite boosters, detonating cords and electronic initiation systems from AEL's South African manufacturing and distribution centres.

As the business grows in the region, AEL will assess the need for the establishment of additional manufacturing facilities.

AEL has two distribution sites in Mali, two in Guinea, and four in Burkina Faso. AEL's competitive advantage lies in its tried and tested capability of mobilising within a relatively short turnaround time and establishing on-site bulk and packaged explosives distribution silos and magazines at mining operation in remote locations.

AEL Customers

AEL is fully prepared and equipped to supply products and services to any mining operation in the region and has extensive experience servicing the mining and quarrying industries. Currently AEL is the preferred supplier to most of West Africa’s gold mining operations, providing products and services to some of the largest gold mines in the world operating in Ghana. In addition, AEL also provides blasting solutions to the manganese, iron ore, diamond and quarrying sectors.


AEL provides a full range of services designed to cater for customers' varying needs and applications, ranging from the simple delivery of products to mine sites to down-the-hole service contracts to more fully integrated Prime, Tie, Load and Shoot (PLTS) operations. In every instance, AEL provides technical service support and engages in providing customised blasting solutions to assist customers realise improved blasting and mining efficiencies.

Training initiatives

AEL is fully committed to training its personnel and is a leading provider of career opportunities to mining engineers, accountants, service engineers and other service support staff in the explosives manufacturing and supply industry in West Africa. AEL lives its commitment of ethical management and leadership and is fully committed to caring for its people and helping them realise their potential.

AEL provides extensive training for its customers in the mining industry. The firm is an accredited training provider in South Africa and as such strives to provide training of the highest quality.

Environmental programmes

All of AEL’s manufacturing and assembly facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant. The company is fully committed to responsible management of West Africa’s vital and precious natural resources and undertakes annual audits to ensure full compliance with the firm’s World Class and ISO standards.

Looking forward

AEL West Africa is continually searching for new expansion opportunities to grow its business through the participation in the development of new projects. The company is fully committed to unlocking wealth in the mining industry in the region and not only looks to grow with its partners as they expand their operations and influence throughout West Africa, but to engage with and assist any new mining companies cutting their teeth in the region.

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