Continuous improvements in explosive technology and blasting methodology have made AEL a leader in providing solutions to both the underground and surface coal mining industry.

The strategy of the AEL's Coal operation is to provide continuous improvements to its range of solutions, ensuring enhanced productivity and safety on the customer’s site, as well as to the supply chain.

With operations in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga, Botswana and South East Asia, AEL is trusted by blue chip customers, along with approximately 300 other contractors and customers operating in the coal mining industry.

AEL has a full range of explosives and initiating systems to service the coal mining industry.

Our offering

Down the Hole

Deploying a Down the Hole service through AEL ensures that customer's safely receives quality, on time, in full delivery of products.

AEL's Field Service Superintendent or Technical Officerprovides supervision and expertise that ensures the safety and quality of charging activities.

Prime, Load, Tie and/or Shoot (PLT/S)

Taking things one step further, while offering the same services as those included in its Down the Hole offering, AEL offers its Prime, Load, Tie and/or Shoot (PLT/S) service to address the requirements of customers that prefer to outsource blasting activities

Opting to deploy AEL’s PLT/S service can empower customers with higher levels of convenience as AEL’s technical experts become an integral part of the production, planning and blasting operations. All AEL’s on-bench employees are all accredited to adhere to legal compliance regulations.

As part of the PLT/S service, AEL undertakes to assess the drilling, manage and supervise the marking of the blasting pattern, the priming, charging and stemming of blast holes and initiation of the blast.

Innovation and Trends

AEL's investment and dedication doesn’t stop there as the company makes important inroads in the development of industry-leading technologies to address requirements in hot hole and Through-Seam blasting environments.

Hot hole blasting – AEL’s hot hole monitor is a temperature monitoring device that assists in detecting and reducing the safety risks posed by hot holes in coal surface mining, providing site managers with a reliable and cost effective early warning device.

Through-Seam blasting – AEL utilises the Through-Seam blasting technique to enable cost saving opportunities for its customers. The Through-Seam technique requires inert stemming material to be placed in sequence with the explosive in each hole, so that adequate fragmentation of the overburden and inter-burden material is achieved with as little disturbance to existing coal seams as possible.

Deploying this technique makes it necessary to undertake a detailed design of each blast conducted as the sequence and amount of explosives vary between blast holes within the same blast. AEL offers blast design expertise, ensuring blast efficiencies are maximised and that environmental issues, such as dust and vibration levels, are addressed at the same time.

AEL’s complement of skilled staff provides the customer with improved levels of efficiency by ensuring the quality of the product and effective planning and scheduling of the blast. This service assists AEL customers to adhere to environmental, safety and legal requirements, while achieving previously unrealised levels of blast efficiency.

Johan Duvenhage

Divisional Director - Southern Africa East Cluster - Gold, Uranium & Coal
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