Open Pit and Massive

AEL has secured its place as a leading provider of explosives and initiating systems in mining and explosives environments and the company is positioned no differently in Open Pit and Massive mining circles.

In fact, it is AEL’s offering to the open pit arena that has garnered the respect of various customers within the mining fraternity. With approximately 50 loyal customers across Southern Africa, the company effectively serves both large and small open pit customers and all massive mining areas with a steady supply of reliable, innovative products and professional service.


AEL provides an exhaustive range of surface products, including bulk explosives, packages explosives, boosters, detonating cord and ammonium nitrate (AN) products while its initiating systems offering includes shock tube, electronic initiating systems and Statsafe Carrick detonators.

As mining techniques have changed over the years, this division has helped drive the adoption of AEL’s electronic products and the related inherent risk minimisation features among its customer base.


The division provides AEL’s range of value added services, which include:

Down the Hole

Deploying a Down the Hole service through AEL ensures that customers receive quality, on time and in full delivery of products. AEL will provide explosives on the bench and assist in measuring hole depths and managing quality checks during preparation of the blast.

AEL is the only company that still offers a Field Service Superintendent (FSS) who provides supervision and expertise that ensure the safety and quality of the charging activities.

PLT/S (prime, tie, load and/or shoot)

AEL offers its Prime, Tie, Load and/or Shoot (PLT/S) service to address the requirements of customers that face resource constraints and therefore require a solution to these problems without the need to hire more or upskill existing members of staff.

Opting to use AEL’s PLT service will empower customers with higher levels of convenience as AEL’s technical teams of expert crews (all accredited to adhere to legal compliance regulations) will become an integral part of the production, planning and blasting operations.

Using AEL’s full PLTS service means customers will have access to hands on involvement on AEL’s part as their teams will manage the marking, charging and stemming of blast holes, and take on the legal accountability of initiating the blasts in addition to the services offered in its PLT offering.


Along with its commitment of promoting electronics in open pit and massive mines, AEL has led the pack with several new innovations currently being deployed at various mines across Southern Africa.

AEL is particularly proud of its custom-designed, 20 tonne Mobile Manufacturing Unit (MMU), which offers greater levels of flexibility in the onsite manufacture of AEL’s entire bulk emulsion range. This method of producing application-specific explosives at customer operations is extremely cost efficient, as it allows for total flexibility, as well as last minute changes on the bench to suit the different mines' blasting requirements. The MMUs are backed up by a comprehensive range of engineering and support services to ensure that the best blast result is achieved.

Further innovations led solely by the company include the recent introduction of its new range of electronic detonator products adopted by industry stalwarts due in point to the manner in which they are positively affecting mine safety and production. The new remote firing capabilities offered by AEL’s electronic range empowers the mines in setting and blasting more than one pattern at a time whilst requiring less of a hands-on approach, keeping staff away from the blast and thereby reducing the risk.

The automation of AEL’s shock tube assembly line has made a deep impact on the mining horizon locally while further proving the company’s mettle in international circles. This level of automation ensures that the group has the capacity to ramp up production to match demand and supply of shock tube assemblies. This way AEL can further ensure that there is always sufficient supply of quality products that contribute towards increasing productivity, delivering zero blast delays, lowering blasting costs, improving fragmentation and increasing safety.

AEL is confident in its international strides and is dedicated to using the lessons learned on a global scale in assisting its local customers to evolve and adopt new innovations at a quicker pace.

Why choose AEL?

Achieving higher levels of productivity through the reliable delivery of quality innovations, products and service while promoting and attaining higher levels of safety, is first prize on AEL’s list.

For those operating in the massive and open pits areas with blasting, mining or personnel related requirements; AEL’s service-oriented, deadline-driven, customer-centric and safety-conscious team could be the solution.

Offering in-depth experience in different mining material environments – including manganese, iron ore, diamonds and aggregate like sand, stone and roadworks – and in the establishment of sites on mine property, AEL has dedicated its efforts to establishing itself as the leader in the provision of quality service in surface, open pit and massive mining arenas.

Morne Stiglingh

Divisional Director - Southern Africa West Cluster, Open Pit & Massive
Tel: +27 11 606 0232
Mobile: +27 11 82 453 1176