Platinum and Chrome

With offices across Southern Africa, including the two regions that play host to the largest platinum and chrome reserves, namely Rustenburg and Steelpoort, AEL services the platinum and chrome industries reliably and consistently to keep blue chip mines as long term customers.

AEL's Platinum and Chrome operation brings the company’s historic wealth of experience in these industries and marries this knowledge with the latest innovations from its Johannesburg-based headquarters, including the intellectual expertise needed to support these two mining sectors.

Our Offering

This business unit supplies a full range of products to address mining requirements, with a focus on contributing towards safer mining in underground arenas. Product sales as well as specialist services (rock-on-floor, rock-on-ground and performance-based contracts) are provided to address various mine requirements.

AEL's products incorporate a range of solution-based explosives, cutting edge centralised blasting technologies and innovative initiating systems specifically developed to meet the needs of the platinum and chrome sectors.

With its company-wide mandate to offer the delivery of quality product on time and in full, AEL is well positioned to meet the demands of their customers through a strong and nationwide supply chain, while adhering to regulatory and safety guidelines.


Underpinning its long standing reputation for delivering on time and in full, AEL’s technical support and service representatives and engineers are available to customers on site.

AEL Mining Optimisation services form an invaluable part of the group's offerings, and is playing an increasingly important role as mines opt for increasing productivity while ensuring safety levels. AEL professionals are available on site to ensure that products are used correctly and also assist in the conceptualisation of safe and efficient blast designs and blast related issues, like fragmentation, undercutting and hanging wall conditions.


As with all the operations that fall under AEL’s umbrella, this unit can offer much to its valued customer base, including ongoing innovative developments. With a large team of expert engineers and scientists on board, AEL offers over a century of knowledge in developing innovative and safer blasting solutions that contribute to the creation of industry changing approaches to mining.

Hendrik Jansen van Rensburg

Divisional Director: Southern Africa North Cluster, Platinum and Chrome
Tel: +27 11 606 0385
Mobile: +27 82 575 6695