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Posted 08 Aug 2017

AEL unveils revolutionary non-detonable rock breaking device

Posted 16 Apr 2015

AEL is set to unveil InstaStem, a technologically-advanced range of non-detonating, self-stemming rock breaking cartridges, at the Institute of Quarrying conference and exhibition at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West between 16 and 17 April.

At the the conference - which brings together over 200 industry delegates from around the world -AEL’s Account Manager for South East Cluster - Northern Region, Velly Mngomezulu, will present the revolutionary benefits to safety and uninterrupted operations which InstaStem Cartridges provide.

“InstaStem Cartridges produce no shockwaves which means these products are safe and ideal for use in vibration-sensitive areas. Furthermore, the non-detonating nature of this range of products ensure safer operations because they provide no over-break detonation damage in the tunnel ceiling or floor,” says Mngomezulu.

With these products there is no risk of auto-ignition and they have a shelf-life of 18 months. By South African legislation, InstaStem cartridges do not require transportation by an explosive truck for quantities less than 250kg because they are classified as UN:0323 cartridges, power device, Class 1.4S.

“InstaStem operations are also suitable in areas of low-ventilation as the blasts emit only harmless gasses which are quickly diluted even in low-venitlation areas and there is a minimal gas re-entry time of about 15 minutes,” notes Mngomezulu.

As there is no stemming or required change of existing drilling patterns, these products provide “drop-and-go” ease of use and do not impact on support infrastructure. Therefore, there is no interruption or down time caused to the quarry or mine because there is no need to remove equipment or staff.

Mngomezulu says the range is also extremely efficient and competitive with traditional explosive products.

“Although these products deflagrate - as opposed to detonate - at 360 m/s, the energy content contained within these cartridges is comparable to that of a high explosive,” he explains.

InstaStem is also highly accurate, delivering no overbreak in the visible barrels left behind after the blast, coupled with a reduction of commodity loss in fines and dust.