AEL Product

100-I, Ammonia 100-R

This is Anhydrous ammonia (NH3) which is stored under pressure and as a result is presented in the form of a clear, water-white liquid with a sharp suffocating or intensely irritating odour. The product is manufactured in South Africa and is known for the consistency of the quality delivered.

Technical Specifications

  • Colourless liquid at low temperatures or under pressure, pungent odour
  • Colourless gas at atmospheric pressure and temperature, pungent odour

Benefits & Features


  • Conveniently situated in the industrial hub of Gauteng, South Africa
  • Consistent product quality
  • Reduced corrosiveness


  • Commodity product
  • Infinitesimal water content
  • Unique logistics solution

Safety Handling

  • Avoid contact with skin/eyes
  • Do not breathe vapour
  • Avoid ingestion


Ammonia 100-I
Manufacture of Nitric Acid
Manufacture of ANS
Manufacture of other chemicals
Ammonia 100-R
Refrigeration liquid

Special Precautions

  • Avoid ingestion, inhalation, contact with the skin and eyes
  • Wear full protective clothing when handling the material and ensure adequate ventilation
  • Avoid sources of ignition and heat
  • Care must be exercised when opening the valves
  • Do not confine without adequate vapour space or pressure relief valve with discharge piped to a safe place


Sold in bulk

Transport (UN Classification)

Hazchem Code: 2PE, UN No. 1005 - IMDG Class: 2(2.3), Shipping Name: AMMONIA, ANHYDROUS, LIQUEFIED

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