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Essentially an aqueous solution of ammonia (ammonium hydroxide, NH4OH) in the form of a clear, colourless to slightly yellowish liquid. Used in the creation of liquid fertilizer, manufacture of industrial and fine chemicals and the metal recovery process.

Technical Specifications

A concentrated aqueous solution of ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) used in the manufacture of emulsion matrix.

Benefits & Features


Conveniently situated in the industrial hub of Gauteng, South Africa.
Consistent product quality


Demineralized water water used in the manufacturing process
Unique logistics solution

Safety Handling

Avoid contact with skin/eyes
Do not breathe vapour
Avoid ingestion


  1. Liquid fertiliser
  2. Manufacture of industrial and fine chemicals
  3. Metal recovery processes
  4. Neutralizing agent for acids
  5. Water purification

Special Precautions

Avoid ingestion, inhalation, contact with the skin and eyes
Wear full protective clothing when handling the material and ensure adequate ventilation
Avoid sources of ignition and heat
Care must be exercised when opening the valves


Sold in bulk

Transport (UN Classification)

  • Hazchem Code: 2P, UN No. 2672, Packing Group 111, IMDG Class 8,
  • Shipping name AMMONIA SOLUTION (10 – 35 % ammonia)

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