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Bulk Emulsions

This product have has been created to optimise blasting in surface mining and are a this is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly emulsion. A fit-for-purpose product, it consists of black oil in the fuel phase of the formulation and indirectly assists customers to dispose of their used lubricating oils in a responsible manner.

Application includes surface or large operations and quarries.

Benefits and Features


  • Flexible energy offering – getting the right size rock on the ground
  • Longer sleep times
  • Surfactant Technology – makes for robust quality emulsions
  • Delivery system – quick charging turnaround times with bulk delivery
  • Quality Assurance – raw material to final product (systems and people)
  • Fit for purpose product & plants
  • A blasting Solution – influencing the mining cycle with optimal combination of explosives and electronics


  • Eco emulsions incorporate black oil in the oil phase
  • A non-detonable emulsion blend before sensitising, only becoming an explosive once sensitised by MMU
  • Bulk delivery - Charged using a pump or an auger, depending on the ANA/Emulsion ratio
  • Mixed with ANA or Anfo in various ratios for optimal energy partitioning

Recommendations for use.

The product should be sensitised as required on the bench using AEL Mining Services recommended equipment before charging into blast holes.

Mining Method


Opencast; Open Pit; Quarrying

Storage and Expiry

  • Base emulsion has a shelf life of 2 months
  • Silos and Isotainers are the recommended storage facilities
  • Storage sites must be secure
  • Primers and Detonators should not be allowed in storage sites

Transport (UN Classification)

Do not transport primers and/or detonators with base emulsion

Base emulsion


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