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Nitrate Emulsion Grade (ANE)

ANE is dense ammonium nitrate particles obtained by spraying the melted product and used in the manufacture of emulsion matrix.

Technical Specifications

The material is presented in the form of glossy white spherical particles free from visible impurities and foreign matter.

Benefits & Features


  • Reduced caking and improved flowability
  • Conveniently situated close to mining centres
  • Improved transport and storage efficiencies
  • No flocculation required after melting prior to emulsion manufacture
  • Consistent product quality


  • Superior prill with reduced friability and moisture
  • High packing density


Manufacture of emulsion matrix

Special Precautions

ANE is moderately toxic and may decompose under confinement and high temperatures under extreme conditions an explosion may occur.


Packed in robust woven polypropylene bags with inner polyethylene liners to minimise moisture ingress. All bags have UN certification and conform to international requirements.

Bags: 1 050kg; 1 200kg

Transport (UN Classification)

Class 5.1 UN No 2067 OXIDISING AGENT

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