AEL Product


This includes a wide range of specifically formulated watergels, emulsions, dry gels and ANFEX solutions.
As with all AEL products, these solutions are supported by a reliable range of initiation systems and blasting services, as well as skilled technical support staff who are on hand to manage customer needs.

Magnum® Watergel

The Magnum® range of watergel explosives have become an industry standard and are known for their reliability, high energy and excellent blasting results. The product range consists of the classic watergel configurations as well as the dry gel configurations with a high loading of ammonium nitrate prill. The dry gel explosives are characterised by a stiffer rheology for improved handling in long cartridges. Both types are offered in different energy grades to suit the blasting requirements or application.

Magnum® Buster

Magnum Buster is a premium emulsion explosive that is used in commercial blasting operations. The product is used in demanding blasting situations where high velocity and energy is required. The explosive is packed into plastic sleeves of variable dimensions and is only available to customers purchasing from our operations in Zambia.


Anfex® is a free flowing Ammonium Nitrate and fuel oil blasting agent for use in commercial blasting operations. The Ammonium Nitrate Anfo (ANA) used in the manufacture of Anfex®, with its world leading friability rate (less than 2%) is a guarantee of the structural integrity of the prill during blast holes loading operations. Anfex® fuel ratios are carefully controlled and provide the optimum chemical balance for good post detonation fume characteristics. The explosive is conveniently packed into 6.25kg inner plastic bags.


26 Kg gross mass in cardboard boxes with a base and lid.

Storage and Expiry

  • Storage Conditions - Moderate temperatures and dry conditions in a well-ventilated, approved magazine
  • Product Shelf Life - 12 months (from date of manufacture)
  • Legal Storage* - 6 months in customers magazine

Transport (UN Classification)

Class 1.1D UN No. 0241, EXPLOSIVE, BLASTING, Type E
Name: Magnum only applies to Africa and its offshore islands (all PEX)

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