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Delay Detonators

Electronic initiation systems enable functions that traditional pyrotechnic systems lack. The system’s increased blasting control allows for accurate blast modelling to be undertaken, before triggering the blast.

AEL has a diverse range of superior electronic initiating systems, which are safe and robust. All of its electronic detonator systems are immune to any accidental initiation and safety keys with encrypted codes ensure that only authorised personnel can initiate the systems, guaranteeing that AEL electronic detonators are one hundred percent safe.

To cope with the mining industry’s varied operating environments, AEL’s electronic detonator systems are extremely diverse, making them ideal to use in the simplest and the toughest situations. From tunneling, shaft sinking, underground stopping and all forms of surface mining environments.

Special Precautions

  • Handle with care - detonators are explosive
  • Temperatures ›90° may result in spontaneous explosion

Storage & Expiry

  • Storage conditions - Moderate temperatures and dry conditions in a well ventilated, approved magazine
  • Product shelf life - 36 months
  • Legal storage* - 6 months (SA)
  • Expiry date# - 12 months (SA)

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