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AEL's Surface Bulk Explosives are one of the best researched and developed formulations currently in the market. The Eco range of products have been developed to optimise surface mining blasting, this coupled with the use of recycled oil in the formulation has provided an environmentally friendly range of products that attain higher shock energy, hence providing a unique offering.

With a solution to suit almost every application environment – including surface, underground operations and quarries – AEL's highly skilled team, its vast range of products and solutions, equipment and technical resources have made the company an acknowledged leader in this field, both in South Africa, African regions and internationally.

One of the company's ongoing success stories is its Underground Bulk Systems, which, while widely accepted as the industry standard for underground mining, is continuously evolving within the walls of AEL's Research & Development department. New and improved emulsion formulations, pumping systems and value-add services targeted to this industry are constantly being realised as AEL continues in its efforts to improve its offering.

The Underground Bulk System technology and AEL's initiating systems combine to optimise safety while improving blasting efficiencies in a variety of mining, tunnelling and shaft sinking applications. Even under the most trying blasting conditions, AEL's proven technologies deliver tangible benefits to its customers across the entire mining operation.

Most notably, through the application of innovative technology combined with years of experience in this market, AEL has introduced its “sticky” solution, which offers customers a competitive edge in cost effective blasting and is set to change the blasting landscape as we know it today. Offering customers the ability to place explosives vertically up-hole has changed the way customers view difficult blasting environments and simplified the process substantially.

Through its strategically placed network of regional depots, AEL is able to provide a full range of explosives and services to the most remote customers in African and international markets. This includes a wide range of specifically formulated water gels, emulsions, dry gels and ANFEX solutions.

As with all AEL products, these solutions are supported by a reliable range of initiation systems and blasting services, as well as skilled technical support staff who are on hand to manage customer needs.