AEL Equipment Services is an international supplier of original equipment and aftermarket parts and services tailored to the needs of the blasting professional in both underground and surface mining industries.

Due to its long standing relationships with component manufacturers across the globe, AEL Equipment Services holds impressive buying power and can offer its customers the best possible lead times on deliverables and the best pricing available.

The division understands that their customers work in environments that leave no room for error and that they cannot afford to speculate on the consistency and safety of their equipment. It is for these reasons that each machine component is exhaustively tested with all possible risk factors in mind before and after the equipment is actually assembled. Proper functioning of blast and mine equipment is mission critical for successful operation on these sites and is significantly important to the safety of the mine staff and surrounding public.

The equipment supplied through AEL Equipment Services is designed to specification and can be customised to suit any blast environment. Once the machines are assembled at the AEL plant they are commissioned and calibrated by a team of professionals with a keen eye for detail. Only once each and every member of the team has signed off on the machines will they be registered to manufacture explosives and be delivered to the site.

AEL Equipment Services offers a range of Mobile Manufacturing Units (MMUs), portable charging units, underground mobile charging units and a vast range of other plant equipment components. With access to both local, internal and international level support and training, the AEL Equipment Services is renowned for its after sales service and support.

AEL Head Office

Head Office
Tel: +27 11 606 0000