AEL Mining Optimisation promotes consistently good blasts, as this is the basis for improved productivity, sustainability and added value for its customers around the world.

AEL Mining Optimisation promotes consistently good blasts, as this is the basis for improved productivity, sustainability and added value for its customers around the world.

The division’s highly skilled engineers assist mines to ensure that blasting is conducted efficiently and cost effectively. AEL Mining Optimisation delivers data, expertise, systems, software and support in a way that will help customers meet their production targets.

AEL is acutely aware that the sustainability of any mining operation is reliant on its social and environmental responsibility. The Mining Optimisation team therefore takes utmost care in designing blasting solutions that are not detrimental to people or the environment. The blast monitoring and blast enhancement offerings provide customers with information and alternate design approaches needed for productive operations and good neighbourly conduct in communities.

The team constantly researches latest technologies and links these with continuous education around how best to design blasting solutions for optimal results.

AEL Mining Optimisation has adopted a three-pronged approach to satisfy customer needs:

Blast Optimisation

Blast Optimisation specifically focuses on our customers’ requirements and the impact blasting would have on the environment. Safety, as always, is our primary objective! In order to optimise blasting, AEL has a number of tools and methodologies specifically designed to make scientific and informed decisions around blast performance assessment.

  • Data collection and benchmarking
  • Rock characterisation
  • Blast and timing design
  • Blast hole assessment
  • Vibration and air blast monitoring
  • Velocity of detonation measurement

Mining Productivity

Mining Productivity looks at the mining operation holistically to ensure that the benefits are derived from improved efficiency in equipment, plant and benefication. AEL will conduct various checks to ensure that blasted rock suits and compliments the design of equipment and plant:

  • Face velocity measurement
  • 3D blast face survey
  • High speed videography
  • Rock mass motion study
  • Muck profile study
  • Fragmentation analysis
  • Blast modeling
  • Efficiency measurement and monitoring

This is supported by AEL’s sophisticated blasting software:

  • Winprof_AEL
  • AEL Tie_Up
  • AEL Tunnel
  • AEL Ring
  • Hybrid Stress Blasting Model (HSBM)

AEL’s Active Loading system enables real time information pertaining to blasting parameters, ie: condition of blast hole, types of explosives loaded, quantity of explosives loaded, etc. This information is stored in a database for future analysis, comparison and fine tuning of blast inputs and results.

Expert Training

Expert Training for blasters and supervisors is offered by AEL’s Mining Optimisation team.

  • The Blasting Competency Program is offered for surface as well as underground operations.
  • The Explosive Handler, Blast Assistant and Rock Breaking courses are the basis for certification through the MQA to become a licensed blaster and meet statutory laws.
  • The Explosive Engineer’s course is a graduate level course given to train technical blasting and field staff. It focuses on advanced blasting applications and productivity improvement and equips AEL staff with the relevant knowledge to provide customers with value adding recommendations.

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