These include services such as down-the-hole: prime; load; tie and or shoot (PLTS) and rock-on-ground for underground
surface applications.

Down the Hole Services

AEL provides down the hole services on the bench and on time, assisting in measuring holes and managing quality checks during preparation of the blast application. Specific explosives produced at the customer's operation is extremely cost efficient, as it allows for total flexibility, as well as last minute changes on the bench to suit the different mine's blasting requirements.

Prime, Load, Tie and/or Shoot (PLTS)

Taking things one step further, while offering the same services as those included in its Down the Hole offering, AEL has upped the ante with its Prime, Load, Tie and/or Shoot (PLTS) service, which addresses the requirements of customers that face resource and construction constraints and therefore require a solution to these problems without the need to hire more or upskill existing members of staff.

Opting for either the Fixed- or Per-Blasted Unit service, customers have access to AEL expertise on site for the duration of individual blasts.

Deploying AEL's PLTS service empowers customers with higher levels of convenience as AEL's technical teams of expert crews (all accredited to adhere to legal compliance regulations) become an integral part of the production, planning and blasting operations.

Using AEL's full PLTS service means customers have access to hands on involvement on AEL's part as our teams will manage the stemming of blast holes, mark out and fire rounds and take on the legal accountability of the blasts, in addition to the services offered in its PLT offering.

Rock on Ground (underground and surface)

For customers who wish to hand over the reins of particularly taxing blasting environments, AEL offers its Rock on Ground service, which sees a shift in responsibility (in both drilling and secondary break scenarios) and costs to the AEL team. Customers can feel assured that they will receive a comprehensively planned and designed solution when they opt for the full blasting service.

In return for a cost per unit (using measurements of choice - cubes, metres, etc.) price, customers deploying AEL's Rock on Ground solution are assured of:

  • Effective blast preparation;
  • Thorough charging and timing of operations;
  • Stock control and security of supply (including ordering, control, storage and stock management);
  • Labour supply (only accredited and skill staffers) to manage charging and timing of operations;
  • Zero tolerance where safety is concerned; and
  • Dedicated and experienced AEL staff who adapt their skill sets to suit the environment while enhancing it with these services.

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